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Mag and Pat were the DJ stars of Malaysia's TraxxFM show 'In the Afternoon' which was broadcast between 13:00 and 16:00 hours (Malaysian Time). Their show had been running for just over two years, and had proved hugely popular with their combination of music and chat, when TraxxFM decided to revamp themselves to a Travel and Leisure station. All the old DJ's were moved into different time slots, partnerships were broken up and new DJ's brought in with a devastating effect.

For those who listened regularly then the format of the 'in the Afternoon' show was well known, predominantly a dedication and request programme, radio in the afternoon took on a whole new meaning with Mag & Pat. Interaction infused with good humour and banter broke away from the mundane mid-day drag.

The request format evolved throughout the week and allowed listeners to get creative. Mag & Pat featured Tuesday Titles & Situation Wednesdays on occasions, where songs suggestions were based on specific themes. And they ended the week, leaving you in high-spirits to kick-start the weekend with Fun Fridays.

Although the team is now broken up, Pat has moved to another station, and Mag is no longer on air although she would like to be, you can see their webcasts here. The listeners of the old show were regarded as 'family' and although the show has ceased to be the 'family' keep going. This site is devoted to the 'Mag and Pat family' and you can join in in the Family Forum.

The Show

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MAG as she was known on air, is a big fan of the Italian Football team and she can drive you crazy just talking about the team and all its players. What more can you expect when the team actually won the World Cup!

A person whose life is devoted to her family and her husband, MAG spends most of her weekends and holidays with them holidaying at different spots in the country! Lets just say Cuti - Cuti Malaysia!

A very quiet and shy individual, MAG is a down-to-earth person who is actually afraid of public speaking, but can ramble on in the studios cause it's only the 4 walls that she sees.

Mag also introduced the famous radio group hug onto the In the Afternoon show.

MAG is a food fanatic, her motto is can't cook, won't cook but she'll eat most things and is an absolute chocaholic.

The fan rumour machine went into action when Mag tried to keep her marriage secret. She married on 7th July 2007 but by then the secret was no secret ! Congratulations Mag anyway.

Patrick or Pat for short was born on St. Patrick's Day many many years ago. That makes him a Pisces which could also answer why sometimes he is a bit like a fish out of water... some famous Pisceans were George Frederick Handel, Elizabeth Taylor, Cindy Crawford and Kurt Cobain.

He's sharp-eyed with a sharp-tongue. Modesty is Patrick's best policy but at the same time he wants to be good at everything. Didn't anyone tell Patrick "you can't have your cake and eat it too?" Apparently not 'cos in 2005 he was nominated, and won, in the category for best jingle in the prestigious Anugerah Seri Angkasa.

Pat was regarded as the 'grumpy' old man of the 'In the Afternoon' show and although everyone tried to matchmake for him he stayed adamantly single. His one respite are the fish in his apartment.

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