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What the DJ's Say
Favourite football team? Favourite football team?

A big fan of the Italian Football team and she can drive you crazy just talking about the team and all its players.

UK - Tottenham Hotspur
Favourite food?   Favourite food?

Mums cooking... which is portuguese food of course, chinese food and how can I forget... McD's! I however am not a big fan of BLR... it's just way too much to handle for me. And having a sweet tooth, I love anything that comes under the dessert category.


Banana Leaf Rice & Italian

Favourite car?   Favourite car?
I really want a Mazda 8... for now! Can't imagine flying on an empty highway in that... did I say flying? I meant cruising... yeah... cruising.


Favourite dance?   Favourite dance?

I'd have to say the cha - cha and the branyo (the portuguese style joget lah)... this dances, you can twirl, twist, turn, change partners and even dance with more than one partner at the time... it's just fun.

Probably none, looks like a giraffe with a nervous tic when dancing.
Favourite place in Malaysia?   Favourite place in Malaysia?
My home! hahaha :> but if you want my favourite local holiday destination then it's got to be Penang... the food haven! I just love Penang can't seem to get bored of it although we try and go there at least once a year... and if I have to move to another state, that would be it.

The Beach...Sun, Sea, Sand & ......; Pangkor & Perhentian pretty awesome

Favourite place in the World?   Favourite place in the World?
My bed! hahaha :> so far, I think it'll have to be Rome or Gold Coast! Great places to visit... and fun too... people are nice and food's pretty ok... but like Pat, I'm hoping to go to Spain someday too. To Barcelona. My hubby's been there and he says that Barcelona is the true city for the lovers. It's simply romantic and amazing.

Haven't been there but I'm saving for it... Spain

Favourite animal?   Favourite animal?
Hmmm... I love butterflies and dragonflies. Beautiful insects! I love the peacocks and the dolphins. Amazing and beautiful creatures but my favourite is actually a Unicorn. I know I know, it's not a real animal! But I love it. It's magical!
With Mag's references to "The Monkey" probably not an ape...
Favourite fruit?   Favourite fruit?
I love fruits, so no specific ones... not that I can remember. Durians, mangosteens, rambutans, cempedak, and the list goes on and on and on and on... don't quite fancy strawberries though...
Not the banana....
Favourite actor?   Favourite actor?
I'd have to say Harrison Ford... Indiana Jones! Also, I think Shah Rukh Khan should be given props!

Some of the greats that have played villains excellently, Anthony Hopkins, Vincent Price, that Hindi actor that usually plays the villian, Anthong Wong (Hong Kong Bad Boy)

Favourite actress?   Favourite actress?
Julia Roberts... don't ask me why, I don't really know... and Julie Andrews. I mean who else can evolve from Maria in the Sound Of Music to Mary Poppins and to not so recently Queen Clarisse Renaldi, Queen of Genovia in Princess Diaries. The elegance, the poise, the class... she's a gem!

Hmmm... quite tough. Possibly, Isabella Rossellini, Emma Thompson

Favourite singer?   Favourite singer?
Hmmm... there's so many good ones (by saying this I hope you know that the good ones comes from the older generation with an exceptional one or two from todays music)... that I can't single out a particular one or two.

Phil Collins, Sting. Current favourite, James Morrison

Favourite group?   Favourite group?

BSB RULEZ!!!! and Take That of course!

What Mag thinks about Pat   What Pat thinks about Mag
He's positive, creative, hard headed, at times moody and grumpy, but sometimes makes an effort to be cheerful! Gotta give him props for that lah! All in all he's sweet and a true gentleman at heart... provided he keeps his gap shut!

Enthusiastic, fun, contented, spiritual and just like a donkey, stubborn

What Mag thinks about Mag   What Pat thinks about Pat

Gotta get out more and be more positive about things.


Hmmm... Let's just leave at that...

What Mag thinks about the show   What Pat thinks about the show

Incredible! All this while we were told the afternoon show is not prime time material and it will go nowhere... To me, this show has proven otherwise. It has grown so big that sometimes we ourselves can't handle it... And who says we can't aim for a wide range of audience? Rancangan ini sesuai untuk di nikmati oleh semua lapisan masyarakat!


Wow, one of my best times on Radio. Even beats that award that I won.

What Mag thinks about the fans   What Pat thinks about the fans
We love you and we couldn't have made it without you! All in all, we owe it all to you, you, you and you!

It's like a buffet spread. You tend to indulge in most of the dishes, however there are some that best is left as it is.

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