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Fan's coupling names for the mighty duo

Mutton Curry
Power Pat
Mighty Mag
Barbie Mag
Ken Pat

Fans who call in and make the show can be found here, they'll gradually appear - honest! Who is Arthur? Who is Devonshire? Who is Zul? Who is Mandy? Who is Pam?

  • There are a lot of teachers that tune-in
  • One of them is the ‘so called’ principle on the show
  • There is an appointed ‘so called’ janitor from Penang for the school
  • He has a crush with a teacher
  • Listeners have the tendency to give Pat & Mag coupling names.


Based in Putrajaya and some say genting Zul is a No. 1 fan of the show. He regularly contributes and is a major user of the fan forum.


Check out the photo, taken in 2006 during "Balik Kampung Rush". Here's Mandy with the TraxxFm DJ's.

Know something I don't?


Here we have our Headmaster for the fan forum and a regular contributor to the show, yes it's Arthur seen here at his retirement ceremony from SMK Sacred Heart, Sibu, on 2nd November 2007. He may have stopped work be he's still around for the show!!!


Photograph © Copyright & Courtesy of SMK Sacred Heart, Sibu 2007


Mag, Pat, Cibol & Botak Bong at the TRAXX Tour - We don't really need to point-out who's who, right? .. Okay Botak Bong is on the far left and Cibol is not the woman from the couple on the right...


Here we have our own ASP Devonshire. He's the man always treating Mag and Pat with food...

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