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The TraXX Mobile Invades The Historical City!

So it was! A truly hot and humid day in Melaka, but as scorching as it was, it didn’t stop the people from heading down to Mahkota Parade to join the TraXXfm Crew and it’s latest edition to the family… the TRAXX MOBILE!

It all started a day earlier when the TRAXX Mobile roamed the streets of Melaka to hand out gift cards to the people which automatically entitled them to pick up their prizes on Saturday… and believe it or not, these people were gathered at Mahkota Parade, early Saturday afternoon awaiting the arrival of the TRAXX Mobile and its crew.

The TRAXX Crew made up of the dudes from the Wake Up Show, Navsta and The Greenman and Pat & Mag In The Afternoons, began entertaining the crowd at about a quarter past 1 as the people slowly began crowding around the TRAXX Mobile, admiring its state of the art sound system which was blaring out TRAXX fm “LIVE” from Angkasapuri in KL.

By 2pm, TRAXX fm’s bright red and blue balloons filled the surroundings of Mahkota Parade. Children, teenagers and adults were all rushing to get themselves those balloons and one family had so many balloons, they looked like a walking TRAXX fm banner, which was so cool! The Melaka Crowd was awesome! They were all so sporting and participated in all the activities that were thrown at them from the crew. There were people who had to run around the TRAXX Mobile to get acquainted, some went around shouting I LOVE TRAXXfm and a young lady was dared to hit Pat three times and she did it!

The highlight of the afternoon was indeed the challenge to teach the Navsta to dance to the TRAXX Mobile theme song which was Greased Lightning. 3 participants were chosen from the crowd and were given a cap each to look like the Navsta. The moment the music began, they wasted no time and got down to business! Bravo Leong, Eddie and As.

Mission For The Day: Teach Navsta to dance! Check it out here….

When the sun went down, the TRAXX Crew headed out to the Portuguese Settlement in Ujong Pasir. The response from the people there was so overwhelming and the food was simply heavenly. Just like at Mahkota Parade, the people were willing to do anything to get their hands on the various prizes brought down by the TRAXX Crew. There were gifts galore ranging from Bio-degradable- Shopping Bags filled with Pens, Note Books, Cd’s, Posters, Postcards, and of course exclusive Traxx merchandise like T’shirts, Caps and Car Stickers.

Our super TRAXX Mobile which glows in the night tickled the fancies of both the young and old ones at the Portuguese Settlement. Whatever the weather on Saturday the 29th of March 2008 surrounding Portuguese Settlement, the weather would have done little to dampen the spirits of the people who turned up to check out the TRAXX Mobile, a high powered 4 x 4 Ford Ranger “fully sound & visually modified” Pick Up . This was a Machine capable of turning any location into an instant Party-Zone!

All in all, the TRAXX On The Road Tour to Melaka was one fantastic experience for the TRAXX Crew. And we will definitely be heading back to Melaka soon.
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