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Fun Stuff

What tree did you fall from?

Find the birthday tree that fits you and click on the tree link. This is really cool and somewhat accurate, although it is tongue-in-cheek....

Click here for the puzzle page

Why not try the 7-Up Fido Mind Reading puzzle

How do you like your fish -
See The Borneo Post
Need an avatar for the family forum then perhaps one of these will suit you or there again there are the Donkey series of avatars or the Monkey series of avatars

The Garfield website - fun games and more

If you are a Garfield fan then there are plenty of on-line Garfield pieces of fun on the Garfield website. Try the jigsaw puzzles - great fun.
Mag and her alter ego
Is it Mag or Pat - place your mouse pointer over the picture
Pat's Later Ego

Click here to go to the personality quiz birth numbers

Try the Personality Quiz Birth Numbers

Riversongs web site - Play the instruments send an e-card
Ever wanted to send a comic song card or just have some fun then try Riversongs - you can be your own jazz band leader, you choose the instruments.
Listen to Traxx FM - Click here to go to the TRAXX FM web site
You can listed live to the BBC radio
The show used to regularly give out tips on various points of interest under the title 'Tipperty Tips' - see our spoof version for baby handling - enjoy it
(it's 600k in size)
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