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Honey Kicap Hitam Marinated Chicken
by DJoker

Its just like cooking any ordinary chicken, but the trick is with how you marinate your chicken.

Contrary to the title, you don't go and actually soak your chicken into "kicap manis" and then cook it. The idea is as follows:

  • Get a some chicken pieces, like the drumsticks, the wings, even breasts, anything.
  • Prepare a concoction by mixing your own brew of "kicap hitam +this ingredient + that ingredient". My father uses all what-you-can-see-and-grab-on-the-spot type of sauces, like oyster sauce, kicap manis, a lil' bit of seasoning stuffs, sesame oil, olives, etc, and mix it!
  • Now, dip your chicken pieces in, and not for too long, 5-10 seconds should do. Too long, and you'll be drinking that concoction rather than eating, too short and you won't taste your brew in your chicken.
  • Now, after dipping your chicken pieces into your concoction, you fry it. Yes. Fry it.
  • Now that you've fried it, rinse the chicken of any excess oil, lump them together, pour some honey.. and voila!

Another variant uses the "KFC powder", (that's how me and Pops call it), where, after frying the chicken once, you dip the chicken into the powder, and pour the "brew" that you've made over it, and fry the chicken again! Then, only once the chicken is out of the frying pan (or wok, in my case) you then serve the chicken with the honey poured.

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